Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Milk Nutrition Facts. Part 1.

Milk is believed to be one of the most useful products as a source of calcium, which is almost completely absorbed by the human body. This is a feature of the milk, which no other product has.

As calcium strengthens bones it is particularly necessary for children to form bones, organs and tissues, and as well for the older people to prevent a development of osteoporosis when calcium is leached from bones, causing its brittleness and fragility.

Many types of milk are enriched with vitamin D. Milk also contains vitamin A, and group B vitamins that promote energy metabolism in the body. Thus, namely vitamin B2 or riboflavin has a property of converting carbohydrates and fats into energy. So, milk is useful when disorders of the immune and endocrine systems occur.

In addition to being loaded with calcium milk is also high in the nutrients such as phosphorus, selenium, potassium and magnesium. In the presence of vitamin D, these elements assist to protect a body against some cancers.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tasty Recipes from Celery

Here you can find great recipes of tasty dishes from celery. They are a salad, a soup and a garnish. If you want to keep the healthy lifestyle or to lose weight, you are welcome to use these recipes.

Salad from celery with walnut.
You will need: 1 glass of grated celery root, 3 apples, ¼ glass of ground walnuts, a handful of raisins, canned fruits (for example 2 peaches or 5 plums), bio-yoghurt. 

Slice apples with cubes and mix with grated celery root. Add walnut, raisin and canned fruits. Mix everything carefully together with yoghurt.

Soup-puree with celery.
You will need: celery root, 2 potatoes, 3 carrots, 1 liter of water, 1 onion, a bay leaf, salt and pepper, sour cream.

Clean celery root, potatoes, and carrots. Cut them with slices. Boil vegetables in the water till preparation. Then grind vegetables in the blender. Put vegetable puree in the bouillon, add bay leaf, onion cut with rings, salt and pepper by taste. Boil everything for 7-10 minutes. Serve soup-puree with sour cream.

Stewed celery with carrot.
You will need: celery root, 2 carrots, salt and spices by taste, vegetable oil and greens.

Slice carrot and celery root with rings and fry with spices and salt. Then stew under the cover till preparation. Serve with greens, cut finely.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Nutrition Facts of Celery

There is a proverb "eat more celery then run more cheerfully". And it is right! Celery is the inexhaustible source of good spirit and health all the year round.

This plant is rich in vitamin PP, K, C, groups B and E. Also there are salts of potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese. There are many essential oils in celery.

Celery should be thankful to combination of sedanic acid for its bright taste and smell.

Celery is a low-calorie plant, so it is the great dietary product ideal for people who want to lose weight but not to limit the food. It is very important that celery has selenium, which is needed for synthesis of thyroid gland’s hormones, containing iodine.

When you buy celery, choose middle thick roots. Too big ones are often too fibrous and tough.

Prepare various soups, salads and garnish from celery.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Fruit Avocado

Sure many people like pleasant nut-oily taste of this nice exotic fruit. In spite of avocado is a fruit, it is usually used in vegetable salads.

There are many fats in avocado, at least 30 grams. So this fruit is high-calorie. But the quality of these fats is very high, because they haven’t cholesterol absolutely.

Also fat complex contained in avocado has vitamin E. As we all know,  vitamin E works as an antioxidant, protecting organism’ cells from over-oxidation.

Avocado is rich in vitamin F. This vitamin is the complex of necessary unsaturated fatty acids, which support skin and hair in the optimal condition.

Fatty acids in avocado make the calcium exchange in the organism better.

Also avocado is rich in group B vitamins, mineral substances and microelements.

Generally it fits for the littlest kids even uncooked. This fruit doesn’t like any heat treatment.

Here is the recipe of tasty paste from avocado.
For two portions you should take 1 big avocado, thin flat cake, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 50 g. any grated low-fat cheese, salt and black ground pepper by taste.

Cut an avocado in two, remove a stone, take the pulp with a spoon and knead it. Mix with lemon juice, add grated cheese and season by taste. Apply the paste on the cake and roll it. You will get tasty closed sandwich.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tasty Canapé Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Cucumber canapé with mushrooms
You will need 1 small onion, 200 g. champignons, 1 cucumber, 100 g melted cheese and vegetable oil for frying.
Fry onion semi-rings on the middle fire till softness. Add sliced mushrooms to onion and fry till golden color. Mince mushrooms with onion and pepper the prepared mass and mix with cheese.
If you wish, you can add some crushed garlic. Put a slice of cucumber on every portion of cheese-mushroom mixture.

Potato canapé
You will need 1 kg fresh potato, 200 g soft cream cheese or cottage cheese, 200 g smoked red fish and greens for decoration.
Wash potatoes but do not clean it. Cut potatoes in two and bake. Put some cheese and small piece of fish on every half. Decorate it with dill or parsley.

Canapé with ham
For this canapé you will need 3 toasts, 3 teaspoons butter, 12 slices ham, ½ of melon, 2 mandarins. 
Cut bread slices for 4 parts and spread bread with butter. Put in 1 ham slice. Cut melon pulp with coffee spoon. Clean mandarins and take its pulp. Put melon and mandarins balls on ham.

Canape with dried apricots
Take 16 dried apricots, 8 teaspoons of dorblu cheese, some pistachios, 1 teaspoon of honey, black pepper by taste.
Put in 1/2 teaspoon of cheese on every dried apricot, sprinkle with chopped pistachios, pour with honey and pepper. Bon appetit!