Tuesday, March 1, 2011

8 Reasons to Try Quail Eggs

1. More vitamins.
Quail egg is a real dietary supplement, complete with vitamins. Despite its tiny size, quail eggs are superior to chicken eggs on the content of vitamins and other nutrients.

2. More microelements.
A quail's egg is 5 times smaller than a chicken’s egg, and at the same time the levels of phosphorus, potassium and iron in it are 5 times higher. This dietic food product has a lot of copper, cobalt, niacin, and essential amino acids. Tyrosine, for example, is responsible for healthy skin color, so quail eggs are used even in the cosmetics industry. Due to the high content of lecithin eating raw eggs helps reduce blood cholesterol level.

3. Possess medical properties.
This dietic product has antibacterial and immunomodulatory properties, so if you have frequent colds - eat quail eggs for breakfast. Use of quail eggs normalizes blood pressure and improves digestion. But first and foremost, this product is recommended for children, weak people and pregnant women.

4. The risk of salmonelloses is minimal.
This is due to the fact that quail eggs have very durable under-shell peel and small breathing holes in the shell, which prevents the ingress of pathogenic bacteria. But, most importantly, thanks to a high body temperature, quails themselves are resistant to infection. This allows us to maintain them without vaccination, which prevents accumulation of drugs in birds, and, consequently, in their eggs.

5. Do not cause allergy.
Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs cause allergies neither for children nor for adults. On the contrary, protein ovomukoid that is present in them is able to suppress allergic reactions; therefore, a medicine based on quail eggs is used to treat allergies.

6. Withdraw radioactive nuclides.
Quail eggs increase resistance to radiation and contribute to the removal of radioactive nuclides of the body. No wonder that doctors recommend eating quail eggs to people who have been subjected to radiation or live in ecologically unfavorable areas, as well as in major cities.

7. More delicious than chicken eggs.
Quail eggs are considered the most delicious eggs. People eat them baked, boiled, raw, fried, and pickled. Due to "unusual" size and unusual variegated coloration children eat them more willingly than chicken eggs.

8. Healthy egg-shell.
A fragile shell of quail eggs is a source of easily digestible calcium and 26 other elements, including: copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, and silicon. Especially valuable are the silicon and molybdenum, as they are absolutely necessary for normal biochemical reactions in the body. So doctors recommend not throwing away the shells, but chopping them and adding to home-cooked meals. This treatment is extremely effective; moreover, it has no side effects or risk of overdose.