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Firstly i would like to introduce myself, my name is Rebecca and I lost 45 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem. Wanna know how i did it? Read below and i’ll tell you my experience.

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I used to live and work in New York as a real estate manager, along with my long time best friend/crush Michael. We were inseparable. Michael also lived across my street, we went to college together and decided to move to the city for bigger opportunities.

We use to always go out and have dinner together and people would always ask if we were dating, i remember always getting shy and would say NO! Before he even replied. Thing is, I was very insecure around him, I had known him for several years and saw the type of women he use to date, and i thought i could never come close, especially because i was dealing with weight problems.

I was never the athletic type in school or the girl that went to the gym everyday to gain the perfect body, far from that i was the opposite, michael use to always invite me to work out and try to get me to do marathons with him but i always refused, it was too awkward for me.

One day at the office, i was about to take my lunch break, when all of a sudden i started to feel like i couldn’t breathe and my chest started to hurt, i seriously thought i was having a heart attack or something, with the little energy i had left in me i went over to michael’s office and as soon as he saw me he knew something was wrong, as i was almost pale as the wall he immediately rushed me to the ER. It was one of the worst experience i’ve ever had.

The doctors ran some tests on me and found out that my symptoms were directly linked to my weight problem, i was suffering of high blood pressure. My doctor recommended me to change my eating ways and to start a healthy program, and to include a bit of exercise in my life; but we all know it’s hard to make such a drastic change just like that! But it was something concerning my health so i had to make a choice.

I started my quest to find a flexible diet program that would help me eat better and at the same time not deprive me from eating, that’s when i found out about Nutrisystem. I saw all the pictures online and said well, this doesn’t seem so bad!! and decided to start right away. Michael was very supportive of the idea and even began to do the program with me.

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After 3 years and 45 lbs later, all i can say is: THANK YOU NUTRISYSTEM! For making a convenient diet plan for normal people. Honestly you don’t even feel like you’re missing out on anything, you get to eat your favorite meals and snacks, with no guilt. It also turned out positive for my personal life, going through this experience taught me to love myself and gave me a boost of self esteem, now i can say that i’m happily married to my long-time sweetheart and friend michael.

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